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María Aguilera Aranaz
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Curator of corporate, institutional and private collections. In collaboration with the leading professionals in the art and museums sector, my work is focused on managing all the processes involved in the safekeeping and maintenance of collections: from practical aspects (such as shipping, installing and storing artworks) to the full range of academic tasks (for example, documenting, cataloguing and registering artworks and calculating their current market value) and institutional duties (including guided tours, organising events and conferences, institutional relations, training company staff and corporate social responsibility).
I am currently curator of the Colección Bergé, a Board Member of IACCCA (International Association of Corporate Collections of Contemporary Art) and a member of ICOM.
  • Conservation and restoration
  • Registration, cataloguing and databases
  • Exhibitions, setup and installation
  • Shipping, packing, insurance, storage
  • Loans
  • Documentation, authoring catalogue entries and essays
  • Following artists, their galleries and fairs
  • Valuing artworks and writing market reports
  • Communications, events, conferences, institutional relations
  • Guided tours
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